Sunday, August 15, 2010

PERKS! Espresso & Smoothies, St. George, UT

So last week I went on a week long vacation to St. George, resulting in my first post from the road! (Well sort of, I'm back at home now since I had better things to do than spend 40 minutes blogging about a cafe when I could be in the pool swimming and relaxing).

So while in St. George I was in the mood for coffee (of course- I'm always in the mood for coffee) and hence I drove down the street looking for the nearest coffee shop. We chose PERKS! which had I been alone, I might have driven somewhere else. The place looked nice from the outside, but the sign for its' namesake was brightly colored with a little cartoon drawing of a guy all hopped up on coffee, if not something stronger.

I was actually just wanting plain old coffee, but didn't see it on the menu so I ordered an iced Almond flavored latte. My friend, who felt that three in the afternoon was a little late to drink coffee, ordered a strawberry smoothie. The drinks were good, no complaints there. They had a comfy couch next to a coffee table strewn with various magazines and a couple sets of dominoes, so we opted for the couch.


Cleanliness: Clean, but a disorganized feeling as far as decor and furnishings went.

Service: Great. The girl who helped me was very patient as I looked over the menu and tried to make suggestions for me.

Atmosphere: Not the best. The flooring was a beautiful, dark stone tiles. The walls were painted a nice, toned down light brown. The furniture was an eclectic mix and there was pottery on display in one area. They also had their multi-colored crazy sign inside the cafe, which did help in the attempt of a welcoming atmosphere. As my friend put it- "they seem to be having an identity crisis."

Would I recommend: Maybe, if you use the drive-thru. I don't think that I would be back to spend much time in their dining area. Also, as I was leaving, I noticed a bunch of aprons hanging near the door (presumably for the staff) as well as a tiny, super cluttered employee office to the right, and a cluttered hallway to the left.

I do have to say that I loved their cold drink cups, however. They were clear with little orange and yellow flowers on them, a nice touch.

PERKS! Espresso & Smoothies
1515 W. Sunset Blvd.
St. George, UT

Espresso drinks. Smoothies. soda. Kearns juice. bagels. muffins. chocolate covered espresso beans.

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