Saturday, July 31, 2010

Diva's Cupcakes & Coffee, Salt Lake City, UT

Diva's Cupcakes & Coffee is a shop that I've been wanting to go to ever since I heard of it, but up until Thursday's book club meeting, I had not yet visited. So the book club wasn't supposed to meet until 7 pm, but because I work downtown and it would be too far for me to drive all the way home and back, I arrived at about 6:20 pm to Diva's. I was glad though because this would allow me time to take everything in before I had to worry about watching for people I recognize.

The first thing I noticed is the parking lot is REALLY small. They do have a drive-up, and there might be parking somewhere that I didn't notice though, because there were quite a few people inside and in the back patio. So I go in and notice that to the right of the entrance (inside) is a decent sized library room with two tables and tons of books on shelves. I thought that could be really neat if you just found yourself with extra time and happened upon Diva's- you could grab a book and settle in for a few minutes.

I was glad that there was already someone looking at the menu ahead of me and seemed to be placing an order for a couple of people, buying me some non-rushed time. So they had all of their cupcakes on display, as well as cinnamon rolls and maybe another pastry type or two. I was really disappointed to see that these were just normal sized cupcake. Yes there were about 8 different flavor choices, but the cupcakes themselves were the size of a homemade muffin or cupcake.

I decided on a lemon berry cupcake and a 16 oz. iced carmel macchiato. The cupcake was placed on a ceramic(?) plate and I took my items to go find a table on the back patio. This was the best part of Diva's for me- there are about 12 outdoor tables spread across this long patio and the tables are somewhat secluded from each other by lots of plants and greenery. This made it a beautiful setting as well as keeping the noise level down as most of the tables were used throughout my time there.

I chose a table that had four wicker chairs with padding on them that looked very comfy. I sat down with my items and book (Nicolae again, as it had only been two days since my last cafe visit) and just took in the scenery for a minute.


Lemon berry cupcake: $2.50, 6 oz, very good. So I had a dilemma as to how exactly I am supposed to eat this cupcake- with literally 2 inches of frosting on top, I knew that it, along with the cupcake itself was NOT going to fit in my mouth. For this I was grateful that I would be able to eat my cupcake alone. I took a couple of small bites and could feel frosting sticking to my lips (of course I did not think to grab a napkin) and once I got to the really tall part of the cupcake I turned it upside down and smeared the frosting off the cake. I then tried to dip/ smear frosting back onto each bite. The frosting itself was unique. I think it was whipped and tasted as if it had real strawberries minced into it- really good. The cupcake was good as well, the combination of strawberry and lemon worked well.

Iced Carmel Macchiato: $3.95, 16 oz., very good. I enjoyed this iced latte, it actually reminded me of Starbucks' latte of the same name (which from me, someone who up until recently visited Starbucks at least twice a week and has their gold card, this is a complement).

Service: Good, friendly staff. I noticed that those customers who ordered a sandwich were given a plastic number and when their sandwich was ready, the staff actually delivered it to their table.

Cleanliness: Seemed fine to me. To be honest I was just enjoying all the plants on the patio and never looked at the concrete.

Atmosphere: There were two other clubs that I noticed meeting that night- another book club and a knitting club which took two tables. It really felt like a great place for clubs as most of the tables sat at least four people.

Would I recommend? Yep, loved the atmosphere and style. I think next time I will try a sandwich though, or maybe one of their $0.75 biscotti. I just felt the cupcake was a little over priced for its size. Also, their hours are M-Sat 6:30 AM - 10 PM, Sun 7 AM - 5 PM which makes this a great place to go after work and not feel rushed.

Diva's Cupcakes and Coffee
1560 East 3300 South
Salt Lake City, UT

Coffee. Espresso. Cupcakes. Bottled Beers. Wine by the glass. Sandwiches. Cupcakes and Cakes can also be ordered for special occasions and weddings.


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