Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Red Moose Coffee Company, Salt Lake City, UT

I actually found this coffee shop on my way to visit a new to me Starbucks location. But while sitting at a stoplight, I noticed to my right Red Moose Coffee Company. It looked inviting, so I decided to go there instead.

The first thing I noticed is that although the time was 5:15 pm, the parking lot was nearly full. I walked inside where I noticed at least three employees, all ready to help me. After pondering the menu of 11 hot coffee options for a moment, I settled on a 12 oz. Milky Way latte and then looked in the display case holding their 6 bakery options and decided on a Strawberry White Chocolate muffin. The man who rang my order asked if this was to stay and if I would like my drink in a mug, to which I replied yes. I do enjoy using actual mugs and plates when possible, but I rarely think to request on my own, so I appreciated his offer. I also took note that the girl who got my pastry out of the case did wear a disposable glove.

Once I received my coffee and muffin I chose a table near the middle of the dining area and pulled out my copy of "The School of Essential Ingredients" by Erica Bauermeister.

Cafe review:
Strawberry White Chocolate Muffin: $2.49, Approx 10 oz, excellent. The strawberries were obviously fresh and not dried, which is always a delight.

Milky Way Latte: $3.50, 12 oz, ok. I give this drink an ok because while it was actually good as far as lattes go, I did not taste what made it a milky way. It actually tasted more like a hot chocolate drink, which is good if you prefer not to taste too much espresso flavor.

Service: Excellent, no complaints.

Cleanliness: Dining area appeared clean. All empty tables had been wiped down. Women's bathroom was clean and freshly painted, although the tile could certainly use some fixing.

Atmosphere: Very inviting and homely. As soon as I walked in I knew I would feel comfortable spending at least an hour there, although my visit was cut short when I noticed they close at 6 pm Monday - Saturday. There is an area with a couch, two armed chairs, and a coffee table, which seemed very inviting for a small group. On the walls, a few paintings and pictures of moose were displayed and appeared to be for sale.

Exterior: I was quite impressed. The building was freshly painted, grounds were very well trimmed. Three outside tables, including two shaded by some trees in the late afternoon.

Would I recommend? Yes, definitely.

Red Moose Coffee Company
1693 South 9th East
Salt Lake City, UT

Coffee. Tea. Espresso. Soup. Sandwiches. Salads. Bakery. Ice Cream. Wi-Fi.

Reference: www.redmooseroasting.com

Book Review: So far I am really enjoying this book. I am currently on page 148 of 240. The basic synopsis is about restaurant owner Lillian, who also offers a cooking class on Monday evenings at her restaurant. Each chapter focuses on one of the 8 students and tells of their life story, or how they came to enrolling in Lillian's class. The story line of the classes themselves is fit neatly into each chapter, from the point of view of that chapters' featured student. I think the author does a great job of fleshing out the characters, despite the short amount of space each is given within the book.

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