Tuesday, December 28, 2010

High Point Coffee, West Jordan, UT

It's been a while since my last post and while I have visited many coffee shops between now and then I have no great excuse for not blogging sooner- I even took notes quite a few times, but never used them!

So last Thursday I visited High Point Coffee, a shop I had been to once before for my book club. I remember liking the shop. It has a very laid back and inviting feeling to it. While waiting for your coffee to be made they have about twenty little quotes scattered along the front of their counter, giving you a little entertainment while you wait.

I ordered a 16 oz. Iced Raspberry Mocha with whip cream- Oops, there goes my waist line!! Actually I always order whip cream when trying a new place just to check it out and see if it is quality and High Point Coffee's definitely is- very good, made with real whipping cream and a little sugar.

So for anyone who owns one of those Entertainment Coupon books, there is a buy one item, get one item free (up to $5 value or something like that) coupon in there, which is what brought me to High Point Coffee on this occasion. I hate to say it, but I'm glad I didn't pay for the pastry I ordered to go with my latte- a Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish- because I was not at all impressed. It tasted like something you might get out of the donut case of a gas station (not good). So I only had about three bites and threw the rest away.

As for the book I was reading- for pleasure/ preparation, mind you- it is called Operations & Supply Chain Management by Verma & Boyer. I was reading this rather than my typical novel because beginning in January I am headed back to school full time to finish my bachelor's degree. I'm very excited for this opportunity- I'll be working toward a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Supply Chain Management and should be done after Spring semester 2012! I'll be headed back to the school where I received my associate in general studies degree- Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. But fear not- I will still be working two days a week in Salt Lake City, so hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things and continue blogging about cafe's all along the Wasatch Front.


CLEANLINESS: Excellent. Did visit the ladies room to fix my hair, as far as I can remember it was clean.

SERVICE: Great. If anything, the gentleman helping me may have been a little too helpful- but I know he was only trying to help when he tried making suggestions. I said to him that I usually have a hard time deciding what to get because I could order anything and like it, to which he said was a tall order. I amended to say anything on the menu would be acceptable. He mentioned a former coworker who once made a suicide- a drink with a little of each syrup they had- which sounds horrible and to which he seemed to think as well- that would be much too sweet and probably not drinkable. He even offered to make something similar to a Snickers latte as I pondered the menu- very friendly.

ATMOSPHERE: Great. Very open and spacious with little nooks throughout the room. Each corner had a couple of chairs and tables. I chose to sit in a leather seat near the door which was also in front of a gas fireplace, very cozy. There is even a meeting room which offers a little privacy with glass windows, and a door. The music seemed to be of the employees choice- the first song I noticed was death metal, but it calmed down to various rock and christmas songs after that.

WOULD I RECOMMEND? Most definitely! The latte was great and the seating was comfortable.

High Point Coffee
1735 West 7800 South [Just West of Redwood Road]
South Jordan, UT

Espresso. Wi-Fi (easy to use, no password necessary). Biscotti. Pastries (though wouldn't recommend). Tea. Smoothies. Coffee. Frappes.

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